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excise tax control stamps

ZIN’s high security products have greatly contributed to the introduction of cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, and coffee into the legal streamlines of the economy as well as to ensuring the inflow of excise tax revenues into the budget of the Republic of Serbia.

Ever since excise tax stamps were applied on these products, ZIN has been successfully manufacturing them, meeting terms, quantities, and all security aspects. ZIN is able to completely independently manufacture excise tax stamps according to the highest European and international standards and in accordance with requirements and standards of both the biggest domestic producers and some of the world’s largest corporations, particularly those engaged in the production of cigarettes and medications.

Control stamps for products such as medication, flour, and agricultural products with the indication of geographical origin and appellation of origin safeguard interests of both the state and end customers i.e. citizens who are protected and confident about using registered and safe products intended for health treatment or consumption.