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payment cards

Payment cards are produced according to operational rules of the DinaCard system and in compliance with ISO/IEC 7810 and ISO/IEC 10373 requirements. Loyalty and gift cards are also produced in accordance with the given standards following the requirements and needs of the ordering party.

In case of personalisation of payment and other cards, depending on the card body structure, data input can be carried out in a number of ways:

  • laser engraving;
  • embossing (relief or indent);
  • inkjet technique (DoD);
  • ultragraphics printing;
  • color printing;
  • data input onto the magnetic strip;
  • data input into the contact, dual-interface or contactless chip.

Card and PIN personalisation can be carried out with already prepared and delivered data or data preparation can also be performed at ZIN, at customer request.

Our professional team can develop chip personalisation applications in accordance with customer requirements.