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id cards

ZIN produces ID-1 and ID-3 card formats with various security features in accordance with the needs and requirements of the ordering party.

The following security features can be applied in the production of cards:
  • security design (Guilloche elements, medal effect, microlettering);
  • security print (rainbow printing, printing using security inks, UV inks, OVI inks…);
  • DOVID elements (holograms and kinegrams) and security threads;
  • smooth or relief lamination (microlettering and microlines, MLI, CLI, Brille);
  • HiCo magnetic strip and signature panel;
  • Contact, dual-interface or contactless chip.

Additional security features of ID cards include:

  • laser numbering of serial numbers;
  • visual personalisation of data via laser engraving or inkjet technique (DoD);
  • data input in the chip and/or magnetic strip.