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Institute for Manufacturing Banknotes and Coins – Topčider (ZIN) is a specialised part of the National Bank of Serbia that deals with the manufacturing of banknotes and coins and other products for the needs of the National Bank of Serbia.

By making use of decades-long experience, modern technology, and the specific work organisation, ZIN has expanded its range of products and services for the domestic and international market: polycarbonate ID documents with chip technology (biometric passports, ID cards, driving and vehicle licences, permits to carry a weapon, weapon registration cards), production and personalisation of payment and other cards, excise tax stamps for tobacco, alcohol, and coffee, control labels for marking the outer packaging of medications, medical prescriptions, control stamps for flour, health insurance cards, registration stickers, printed security hologram stickers, visa stickers, variable printing and numbering, cheques, diplomas, certificates, blank bills of exchange, bonds and other securities, publications and promotional material, postage, commemorative, and tax stamps, transportation tickets, insurance policies, safety bags for money, value vouchers, entrance tickets, forms, products of the mint (bullion and alloy coins, medals, plaques, decorations, vehicle registration plates for all types of motor vehicles).